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L00340 Manual for Determination of Supercompressibility Factors
Author(s): Zimmerman
This manual is based on the findings of PAR Research Project NX-19 initiated by the Pipeline Research Committee in 1956 upon the recommendation of the Gas Measurement Committee. The initial purpose was to extend the range of the A.G.A. Supercompressibility Factor Tables published in 1955, 1956. However, a significant out-come of the project was that in addition to providing the basic data for extending the range, a base equation for calculation of supercompressibility factors was developed. Benefit: The methods, tables, and equations presented in this manual provide extended ranges of coverage, simplification of use, and broadening of the applicability of the procedures published in A.G.A. Gas Measurement Committee Report No. 3. Orifice Metering of Natural Gas. To determine a supercompressibility factor for natural gas

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