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Title: Multipoint Optical Volumetric Flowmeter
Author: Medhat Azzazy
Source: 1995 International Symposium on Fluid Flow Measurement
Year Published: 1995
Abstract: A multipoint optical volumetric flowmeter has been developed and tested in the field. The volumetric flow rate is determined by simultaneously measuring the velocity profile at a number of stations along the pipe diameter without the need for any mechanically moving parts. The velocity is measured using a diode array velocimetry (DAV) technique, and the simultaneous multipoints are generated using a holographic optical element (HOE) lens. The volumetric flow rate is then obtained by integrating the velocity profile over the pipe cross sectional area. Field tests show that volumetric flow rate uncertainties of DAV/HOE are 0.06% when compared to sonic nozzles. The field tests also demonstrate the ability of DAV/HOE to perform under harsh conditions.

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