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Title: Traceable Response Time Characterization in Fast Changing Flow Rates
Author: Hugo Bissig Martin Tschannen Marc de Huu
Source: 2018 International Symposium on Fluid Flow Measurement
Year Published: 2018
Abstract: Flow calibrations are important in several areas of pharmaceutical, flow chemistry and health care applications where volumetric dosage or delivery at given flow rates are crucial for the process. Not only a calibrated steady flow rate is important, but also a changing flow rate should be measured accurately as the final delivered volume will depend on these accurate flow measurements. Therefore, the Microflow and Milliflow facilities at METAS have been updated to cover these requirements from the microfluidic industry. So far, calibrations for steady flow rates and pulsating flow in the range from 100 nl/min up to 400 ml/min with uncertainties from 0.7 % to 0.07 % respective from 3 % to 0.2 % can be realized. As the METAS flow generators are homemade syringe pumps with linear measuring systems to determine the position of the plunger of the syringe, any fast flow rate change can be measured by the change of the moving speed of the plunger. Therefore, fast changing flow rates within 1 s can be produced and either detected by means of the traceable dynamic gravimetric method or determined from the converted speed from the linear measuring system into flow rate. This allows determining the response time of any flow meter or flow generator for fast changing flow rates. Moreover, the METAS syringe pump allows generating flow rates even lower than 100 nl/min. The measurement uncertainty of the fast changing flow rate measurement is still under investigations.

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