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Title: New System For The Pressurized Gas Flow Standard In Japan
Author: Dr.Masahiro Ishibashi, Dr.Masaki Takamoto, And Noriyuki Watanabe
Source: 1990 International Symposium on Fluid Flow Measurement
Year Published: 1990
Abstract: Outline and some test results of the new pressurized gas flow standard system in Japan are described. Reynolds number of the system ranges from 8E+03 (8 and the 3rd power of 10) to 1E+06. The system consists of a constant volume tank system and a closed loop test facility. Uncertainty of the tank system was estimated at less than 0.1% at the 95% confidence level. Test lines of the facility are not opened to the atmosphere in order to carry out tests with pressurized dry air. Air in the line is circulated by a blower compressor. The master meter of the facility is a servo PD meter which is going to be calibrated by sonic venturi nozzles connected in parallel. Dual loop temperature control system can settle temperature in the line with a variation of 0.1K. Random uncertainty of the facility was estimated at less than 0.1%. A graph of the Strouhal numbers of a vortex meter measured by the facility at various pressure shows one continuous curve against Reynolds numbers.

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