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Title: Performance Characteristics Of An Extended Throat Flow Nozzle For The Measurement Of High Void Fraction Multi-Phase Flows
Author: J. R. Fincke,C. Ronnenkamp, D. Kruse, J. Krogue, D. Householder
Source: 1999 International Symposium on Fluid Flow Measurement
Year Published: 1999
Abstract: An extended throat flow nozzle has been examined as a device for the measurement of very high void fraction (a 0.95) multi-phase flows. Due to its greater density and partial contact with the wall, the equilibrium velocity of the liquid phase appreciably lags that of the lighter gas phase. The two phases are strongly coupled resulting in pressure drops across the contraction and in the extended throat that are significantly different than those experienced in single-phase flow. Information about the mass flow rates of the two phases can be extracted from the measured pressure drops. The performance of an extended throat flow nozzle has been evaluated under multi-phase conditions using natural gas and hydrocarbon liquids at 400 and 500 psi. Two hydrocarbon solvents were used as the test liquids, Isopar M O (sp 0.79) and Aromatic 100a (sp 0.87). These data are compared to prior air-water data at nominally 15 psi. The high and low pressure data were found to be consistent, confirming that the temperature, pressure, and size scaling of the extended throat venturi are correctly represented. This consistency allows different sized devices to be applied under different fluid conditions (temperature, pressure, gas and liquid phase composition, etc) with confidence.

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