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Title: Ultrasonic Multi-Channel Flowrate Measuring Method For A River And System Thereof
Author: Khaksu
Source: 1999 International Symposium on Fluid Flow Measurement
Year Published: 1999
Abstract: The measurement of a natural river flowrate based on a traditional ultrasonic multi-channel flowrate measuring method for an open sluice way has not been firmly fixed on the basis of the theory and experiment to evaluate the accuracy (error) of the flowrate measurement with a higher reliability. That is why seeing the distribution of the water stream cross section along the river length as much as 3 to 5 times longer than the river width the cross section shape and area are not equal even at any place, and also the flow velocity of the revolving component is compositely developed. For it, river flowrate measuring hydrology circles does not have a higher reliability on the ultrasonic flowrate measuring method. The paper is supposed to question problems in the flowrate measuring hydrology circles and suggest several methods for resolving these problems.

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