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Author: Florestan Ogheard
Source: 2018 International Symposium on Fluid Flow Measurement
Year Published: 2018
Abstract: According to its mission of national reference laboratory, LNE-CETIAT maintains and develops the French standard for liquid water flow meters calibration from 1g.h-1 to 36 t.h-1. The reference calibration facilities at CETIAT are historically based on the flying start and stop gravimetric method. Because of the specificity of micro-flow rates, two separated and dedicated calibration benches are used for flow rates from 1 g.h-1 to 10 kg.h-1 on one side, and from 8 kg.h-1 to 36 t.h-1 on the other side. Continuous improvement of the calibration capabilities pushes LNE-CETIAT to upgrade the existing methods toward a dynamic measurement of the reference flow rate. Among others, dynamic calibrations of flow meters have the advantage of reducing calibration time, and to allow the characterization of complementary metrological performances such as the response time of the flow meter, and its accuracy against rapidly fluctuating flow. Moreover, the measurement of a dynamic reference flow rate with associated uncertainties as low as possible, requires tackling a number of technical challenges and new uncertainty sources. In particular, the measurement model needs to be sufficiently robust to ensure that no additional errors or unwanted uncertainty appears in response to different dynamic flow patterns. Thus, dedicated signal processing and data acquisition algorithm needs to be developed. Furthermore, traceability and representability of the calibration process needs to be ensured at all times.

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