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Title: The European Research Project on Metrology for Hydrogen Vehicles - MetroHyVe
Author: Marc de Huu Oliver Bker Rune Christensen Marc MacDonald Remy Maury Matthias Schrade Harm Tido Petter Patrick Stadelmann
Source: 2018 International Symposium on Fluid Flow Measurement
Year Published: 2018
Abstract: A large hydrogen infrastructure is currently in development across Europe. However, the industry faces the dilemma that they are required to meet certain measurement requirements set by European legislation that cannot currently be followed due to the lack of available methods and standards. The EMPIR Metrology for Hydrogen Vehicles project will be the first large scale project of its kind that will tackle the four measurement challenges that currently prevent the industry from meeting requirements set by International Standards such as flow metering, quality control, quality assurance and sampling. This paper presents a brief overview of the specific objectives of the project and focuses on the flow metering work package and the presentation of its planned tasks, which comprise laboratory and measurements in the field. Laboratory work will assess the use of substitute fluids to hydrogen to provide a safer and more cost effective method for the type approval of Hydrogen Refuelling Stations (HRS). To be able to link laboratory work to field testing, mobile primary standards will be developed and the design of a field testing primary standard will be addressed. The aim is to inform what the European national metrology institutes are currently developing in the field of hydrogen flow metering and quality control of HRS.

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