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Title: Intercomparison Exercise Of High Pressure Test Facilities Within Gerg
Author: m. Diritti, m. Arietti, m. V. Cannizzo, P. m. A. Van Der Kam, H. Bellinga, F. J. Delhez, F. Deneuve, D. Donat, W. Frankvoort, B. Harbrink, W. Kerkmann, R. Norman, P. Rombouts
Source: 1995 International Symposium on Fluid Flow Measurement
Year Published: 1995
Abstract: Under the auspices of GERG, two Transfer Standard Packages were used to check to what extent gas flowrate measurements at high pressures, obtained in seven different European laboratories, are comparable and to reveal possible ways of improving their performance. The majority of the laboratories involved in this intercomparison produced very accurate results. In fact an evaluation of systematic differences, installation effects, short and long term stability showed a general high level of accuracy in their gas flowrate measurements.

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