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Title: Asymptotic Extreme Value Applied To Shape Measurements
Author: Michael Sharp
Source: 2000 Measurement Science Conference
Year Published: 2000
Abstract: A television picture tube is made from two large pieces of glass. The front faceplate is referred to as the panel, the back part is the funnel. Two major internal parts are the shadow mask - a perforated metal sheet located just behind the inside surface of the panel, and the electron gun, located at the rearmost part of the funnel. One major dimensional measurement issue is the inside curvature, or contour, of the panel. This obviously affects the geometry of the displayed image. Less apparent but perhaps more important, the spacing between the shadow mask and the inside surface must be held within tight dimensions. This is a major quality issue. The brightness of the image and the purity of the displayed colors are critically dependent on this spacing, especially at the corners of the image.

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