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Title: Relation Of Corporation Commission To Short Courses
Author: B. P. Stockwell
Source: 1926 Southwestern Gas Measurement Short Course (Now called ISHM)
Year Published: 1926
Abstract: It is rather convenient to have a fellow to speak just at any minute, so Professor Helmrich has asked me to fill in. I was very much interested in matter mentioned by our dean. Possibly I know dean Felgat a little better than some of the rest of you. He is absolutely conscientious in everything he says. He gives very good advice and I can say form experience it is good advice to follow. In talking about back to the farm movement I can say that is a movement very hard to dodge in the school so watch your step. I dont know exactly what Mr. Helmrich wanted me to say about the relation of the Corporation Commissions to this school, but I will say this, that the interest that the companies has in this school is the same interest that the companies have, that you have, an interest in better and more accurate measurement of gas.

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