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Title: Means, Consideratons, And Compromises For Exhaust Emission Reductions On Existing Natural Gas Fueled Engines
Author: R. N. Alford, R. W. Sheppard
Source: American Gas Association 1983
Year Published: 1983
Abstract: Although the subject of this discussion is the reduction of NOx emissions on existing engines, a word on new engine technology is in order to establish a base on which certain aspects of field conversions can be referred to. Ingersoll-Rand offers low emission versions of its current line of gas engines. These new engine versions are designed and shop tested to optimize turbocharger performance, cam timing, combustion stability, and control technology to produce very low NOx emission levels and economical operation over the load and speed range. The methods used includes precombustion chambers in combination with very lean mixtures for turbocharged engines and catalytic converters for naturally aspirated engines.

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