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Title: Overview Of Odorization
Author: Curtis Dale Martin
Source: 1986 Gulf Coast Measurement Short Course (Now called ASGMT)
Year Published: 1986
Abstract: To our gas industry, odorant is a very important part of our operation. Naturally no one would disagree that safety is important. Because natural gas is odorless and colorless, we must add odorant to the gas for the protection of our customers. The Federal and State governments have recognized the safety advantages of having odorant in the gas and have set down regulations for the gas companies to follow. Inspectors are sent around periodically to make sure the proper ratios are being kept and will hand down fines if those ratios do not meet the right standards. We in the gas industry can benefit ourselves and our customers by educating them about why odorant is put into the gas system and what steps to follow when they smell gas. Not only will this keep them safe, but it will also tell the gas company personnel the approximate location of leaks. In todays market environment, where the price and availability of gas is critical, more importance has been given in locating all areas where gas can be lost.

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