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Title: CSDL-P-2823 Accuracy Problems In The Measurement Of Spherical And Cylindrical Radii
Author: Mark A. Nasson
Source: 1989 Measurement Science Conference
Year Published: 1989
Abstract: Often in engineering design a part is required to have a curved feature for a variety of reasons, sometimes crucial to the parts function, other times not. Serious problems can arise when the curved feature consists of only a part of the total geometric entity, say of a sphere or cylinder. Typical tolerancing methods impose unwanted constraints on such part features adding to the cost of the part by requiring unnecessarily sophisticated machining and inspection techniques. The problem lies in the fact that the designer is rarely aware of these requirements he/she is imposing. It will be shown that it is not unusual for such a part feature to be virtually impossible to reliably machine or inspect in tolerance.

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