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Title: Capturing The Sub Micro-Radian
Author: J. R. Ban
Source: 1998 Measurement Science Conference
Year Published: 1998
Abstract: The pursuit of the sub micro-radian uses tilt and alignment controls, capability studies and uncertainty analysis. Tt begins with the definition of an axis of rotation, continues with a measurement technique that includes alignment to the rotational axis. The process proceeds with measurements and analysis and ends in a result caged with a statement of uncertainty. There are several types of misalignments. The error is dependent on the geometry. Some misalignments cause a tilt, some are interactive with the internal geometry of the artifact or instrument, some are complex and some may not be significant at all. The error functions for the tilt and interactive types are the most difficult to visualize. These complex functions can be very significant in the world of the sub micro-radian. The geometry for these phenomenon is discussed. The metrology used to determine the capability of dividers, autocollimators, theodolites, pentaprism, polygon, parallel mirror and the laser interferometer angular optic is presented.

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