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Title: State Commision Rulings On Measurement
Author: R. H. Lussky
Source: 1929 Southwestern Gas Measurement Short Course (Now called ISHM)
Year Published: 1929
Abstract: (a) Each utility shall provide and install at its own expense and shall continue to own, maintain and operate all equipment for the regulation and measurement of gas to its consumers. (b) Where additional meters are furnished by the utility to be used as sub-meters, or for the convenience of the consumer, a charge for such meters may be made in accordance with a schedule approved by the commission. Rule 10. Location of Meters. (a) It is recommended that all meters hereafter installed on consumers premises be located inside the building and as near as possible to the point where the service-pipe enters, and in a clean, dry, safe place, not subject to wide temperature variations and so placed as to be at all times accessible for reading, inspecting and testing. (b) Meters shall not be placed in coal or wood bins, or in close proximity to stoves or furnaces. Unless unavoidable, meters shall not be installed in sitting rooms, bed rooms, bath rooms, or in any location where the visits of the meter reader or inspector will cause annoyance to the consumer. (c) When it is

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