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Title: Liquids Measurement, Whats an Industry To Do?
Author: Mark V. Goloby
Source: 2021 American School of Gas Measurement Technology
Year Published: 2021
Abstract: Liquids measurement in the oil patch is suddenly getting a lot of attention. Some are dismayed at the low level of technology used to measure liquids. Today, custody transfer of 80 to 85% of onshore crude and condensate production is still documented by a hauler climbing to the top of the tank and strapping it. That would be a fair estimate, concurs Mark Davis Staff Engineer Shell Exploration and Production. The hauler straps the tank before loading his truck and again when he finishes. The producer is paid on whatever that hauler writes on the ticket. I did not realize it was that immature, remarked Grant Farris, Vice President Producer Services, CIMA Energy.

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