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Title: Avonseal For Bell Joint Repair
Author: C. Larry Schmidt
Source: American Gas Association 1975
Year Published: 1975
Abstract: When gas distribution companies in the United States convertoi from manufactured to natural gas they experienced a significant leakage problem at bell and spigot joints. This was caused by natural gas drying out the yam/lead joint seal. The most commonly used repair procedure for these leaks has been the mechanical bell joint clamp. When Great Britain was recently confronted with conversion to natural gas, the British Gas Council researched other possible repair methods. The Avonseal method is a product of this research and the British Gas Council has adopted this bell and spigot joint repair technique as a standard. Today, over 200,000 joints have been successfully repaired by the Avonseal method in Great Britain and tens of thousands more in Austria, Belgium, Germany, Holland, Switzerland and even Hong Kong.

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