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Title: Experiences With The Multiphase Meter System Used For Allocation Of Visund South Tie - In To Gullfaks C
Author: Eirik bro, Jan Eskeland, Geir Sanden, Eivind Lyng Soldal, Kare Kleppe, Asbjrn Erdal
Source: 2015 North Sea Flow Measurement Workshop
Year Published: 2015
Abstract: Visund South field is a subsea tie - in to Gullfaks C in the North Sea. Visund South is developed with one 4 - slots subsea template with 4 producing wells. One 10 flow line is used for transport of Visund South production to Gullfaks C for processing and export. Due to different owner structures between Gullfaks C and Visund South, multiphase metering is used for ownership allocation. Subsea multiphase meters (5) are installed on each individual well and one topside multiphase meter (10) is installed upstrea m the topside choke. In addition Live PVT (software) to handle changes in the PVT is implemented 1 . As part of the Visund South project, one test separator at Gullfaks C was upgraded with additional instrumentation according to NPD Measurement Regulation

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