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Title: An Approach To Automating Mass Metrology Systems
Author: David A. Dikken
Source: 1998 Measurement Science Conference
Year Published: 1998
Abstract: An automated measurement system has been designed and implemented for mass metrology laboratories. The design includes both hardware and software components which provide control charts for the evaluation of balance performance, continuous recording and charting of environmental conditions in balance weighing chambers and the laboratory, implementation of operating procedures for calibration, and report generation. The structure of the system includes digital data collection from balances, environmental instruments, and laser bar-code readers. Data is reduced and analyzed using control charts and statistical techniques including linear regression, students t-test, and F ratio tests. The system is paperless until calibration reports are generated. Wireless technician workstations are developed using laptop PCs and radio frequency networks. Primary considerations in the development included improved measurements, increased efficiency, enhanced uniformity, cost savings, and thorough recording and documentation.

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