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Title: Testing Fiberglass Buclcet Trucks By Acoustic Emission
Author: Edward L. Dold
Source: American Gas Association 1983
Year Published: 1983
Abstract: Acoustic emission testing is a non-destructive technique consisting of stressing material and observing the minute, inaudible sounds given off by the material as it undergoes stress. Energy pulses measured are transient elastic waves in the material, which may be picked up by means of a piezoelectric transducer (Figure 1) in intimate contact with the surface of the material and converted to electric impulses. These electric impulses can then be amplified, filtered, and fed into logic units with output displayed on meters, charts, and Cathode ray tubes to give the tester a variety of information, some of which is available from no other source. This paper will deal with the application of this technique to fiberglass-reinforced plastic structural members, specifically the dielectric booms on derricks and manlift aerial devices, and with the reaction of those members to stress and overstress.

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