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Title: Microinch Mjzasuremfants
Author: Wright K. Huntley, Jr.
Source: 1977 Measurement Science Conference
Year Published: 1977
Abstract: Calibration labs have faced the problems of microinch measurements for many years, and the requirements of the rule of ten and traceability have generated equipment and methodology suitable for occasional checking of gages to accuracies of one or two millionths of an inch.* About ten years ago, the requirements of high-density-magnetic-storage devices and largescale integrated circuits created a new set of problems. For the first time, volume production of complex products required routine, often lOO%, inspection in the low millionths. Hundreds of measuring systems have been assembled to provide a millionths equivalent to what the coordinate-measuring machines have done for measuring thousandths. The objective has been to speed up inspection and reduce the required level of operator skill, while avoiding the hazards of errors introduced by thermal effects, mechanical deflection, vibration, dirt, looseness, and wear. Unfortunately, most of these new machines dont work terribly well, they are rarely--if ever-- calibrated, and they evolved outside the traditional world of measuring-machine design

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