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Title: An Automated System For Flow And Pressure Contro L At Nmias Liquid Hydrocarbon Flow Facility
Author: Simon Dignan Mark Ballico Salam Matalka
Source: Flomeko 2016
Year Published: 2016
Abstract: NMIAs liquid - hydrocarbon flow facility at Londonderry has the capability to calibrate flowmeters in Propane and Butane up to 1700 L/min with an uncertainty of 0.04%. (k2), using a flow loop equipped with a 40 L prover , 4 000L LPG tanks and mechanically variable 30 kW pumps. Flow rate and line pressure are set by the adjustment of pump speed and throttling and pump bypass valves. Although the collection of calibration d ata is fully automated, adjusting the system to a new set - point of pressure and flow has, until now, been performed manually, to ensure that the system does not inadvertently pass through an unsafe operational regime

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