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Title: Development Of 6.453.20 Ohm And 100 Ohm Resistance Standards For The Transfer Of The Quantum Hall Resistance Value To Decade Resistance Values
Author: Armen C. Grossenbacher
Source: 1996 Measurement Science Conference
Year Published: 1996
Abstract: Reference (3) states that the U.S. representation of the Ohm is based on the quantized Hall resistance (QHR) of 6,453.20175 ohms . This odd value of the QHR has to be scaled or transferred to 1 ohm in order to be used to calibrate the U.S. legal ohm. The currently used method of scaling requires the use of resistance standards of 6,453.2 ohms and 100 ohms. This method provides the capability to perform the calibration of the legal U.S. unit of resistance with a combined uncertainty of 20 ppb.

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