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Title: Sequencing And Loading Gas Compressor Units With A Programmable Controller
Author: Arthur E. Mann
Source: American Gas Association 1976
Year Published: 1976
Abstract: The programmable controller is a control machine based on solid-state digital logic. It is primarily intended to lake the place of electromechanical relay panel applications where rewiring is made necessary by periodic changes in sequence. The Datameirics No Fault Programmable Controller is a clocked logic device which compares its inputs, timers, and the previous status of its outputs with a programmed logic sequence and then up-dates all of its outputs. It utilizes an unique self-test system which annunicales any internal faults to the user. The systems self-test feature, Programmable-Read- Only-Memory (PROM) and ladder type logic make it readily adaptable for compressor station sequential control.

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