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Title: Theoretical And Experimental Investigations Of Rotary Piston Flow Meters
Author: E. Von Lavante, U. Banaszak, V. Ltz-Dauer, K. Enste, J. Bergervoet, H. Dietrich
Source: 2006 International Symposium on Fluid Flow Measurement
Year Published: 2006
Abstract: Rotary piston meters have been demonstrated as stable and reliable flow meters, having a large operating range. Their favourable properties render them suitable for usage as reference meters. Their main working principles have been known for some time. However, irregular behaviour of the deviation between the indicated and true flow rate has been occasionally observed during their operation. The goal of the present study was to present an unified theory explaining the generation of leakage flow, responsible for a major portion of the deviation. To this end, an equation considering most of the leakage effects has been developed. Several experiments aimed at supporting the theory have been carried out. It has been demonstrated that the theory is qualitatively correct and incorporates most of the important characteristics of the rotary piston flow meters.

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