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Title: New Compact Wet Gas Meter Based On A Microwave Water Detection Technique And Differential Pressure Flow Measurement
Author: ystein Lund B, Ebbe Nyfors, Tore Lland
Source: 2002 North Sea Flow Measurement Workshop
Year Published: 2002
Abstract: Future field developments will include wet gas or gascondensate fields with a very high GVF. In these cases, a test separator for well testing is often not a possible option and inline flow instruments will be requisite (see e.g. 1). The use of inline wet gas meters will be important to the field operators for well testing, continuous reservoir monitoring and production optimisation, allocation and flow assurance. The gas flow rate measurement is obviously a main focus of the wet gas metering technology because the gas value of the stream is dominating. This is however not the complete picture. In some gas-condensate fields, the value of the condensate production may be significant. It is moreover important to have a measure of the liquid components in the gas (condensate/water) for instrumental reasons, to improve the flow rate measurement accuracy.

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