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Title: Roto-Seal Maintenance And Testing
Author: James J. Fitzpatrick
Source: 1970 American School of Gas Measurement Technology
Year Published: 1970
Abstract: Rotary type gas meters are not, by far, new gas metering devices. However, over the past decade, the demand for this type of meter has increased to the level where meter manufacturers felt it necessary to put more emphasis and expenditures into the design, development and production of this type meter. This increased demand resulted from the need of the gas industry for more accurate and compact as well as for higher capacity and high pressure meters. The original positive displacement rotary meters were developed in the early I920s and consisted of the two-iobe rotor construction. These are still in existence today. In the early 1950s, Rockwell began reviewing the potential and merits of the rotary metering principle for both liquid and gases. Various studies were made and several designs attempted during the i950s and it wasnt until 1960 that Rockwell accepted the rotary piston design as being the most promising design for accurately metering gases.

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