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Title: Fundamentals Of Flow Computers
Author: Fundamentals Of Flow Computers Tushar Shah
Source: 2017 Western Gas Measurement Short Course
Year Published: 2017
Abstract: This paper is intended to give a high level overview of flow computers and their place in electronic gas measurement in the American Petroleum Institute ( API ) 21.1 standard for those who are new to the industry or a looking for a refresher of the basic app lication usage of flow computers. As natural gas and various hydrocarbons move from the well head to the burner tip, there are several electronic devices in the field used for measurement and control. The electronic flow computer is referred to in API 21.1 as a secondary device. Many contracts between companies either buying and/or selling gas often stipulate that measurement falls into compliance of API 21.1. Thi s paper will focus primarily on the electronic flow computer

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