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Title: Experimental Investigation Of Cavitating Herschel Venturi - Tube Configuration
Author: S. Brinkhorst E. Von Lavante D Gler G. Wendt
Source: Flomeko 2016
Year Published: 2016
Abstract: he flow in cavitating Venturi nozzles (CV) is a lon g time subject of experimental as well as numerical investigations. If the pressure d ecreases due to the local acceleration to the respective vapour pressure, a chocked flow condition similar to the well - known critical flow Venturi - nozzles (CFVN) develops . For the purpose of gaining further insight into the chocked flow condition with respect to liquid flow measurement, high - speed camera investigations of a transparent Herschel Venturi - tube configuration were performed. Together with pressure and flow rate measurements, they demonstrate d the overall stable flow behaviour under chocked conditions. With additional numerical investigations, phenomena during the onset of the chocked condition were clarified. Furthermore, a simple correlation for the calculation of the actual flow rate during chocked condition, as well as a temperature corre ction is proposed.

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