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Title: Low Pressure Gas Gathering Considerations
Author: Scott R. Peterson
Source: American Gas Association 1983
Year Published: 1983
Abstract: I would like to discuss the considerations and potential problems involved with low pressure (vacuum) gas gathering operations. Additionally, I would like to relate some of the experiences that Panhandle Eastern Pipeline Company gained while conducting their vacuum test in the Texas Panhandle. The availability of information on vacuum operations was limited, and, due to the fact Panhandle Eastern will be at a potential vacuum condition within a few years in the West Texas Panhandle Field, a test was designed for the purpose of obtaining additional information. Due to the relatively low field pressure and conceivably large increases in obtainable natural gas reserves, a test was conducted at Panhandle Easterns Neal Compressor Station to assist in determining if vacuum operations would be feasible in the near future. The objective of this test was to evaluate the characteristics and performance of a compressor, an engine, and four wells when the wells were operated below atmospheric pressure for an extended period of time. Included within this overall objective were several implied objectives.

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