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Title: Structural Optimization Of Orifice Rotameter Based On CFD
Author: Li-Hua Piao, Tao Zhang Tong Guo, Xiao-Zhong Li, Xing Chen
Source: Flomeko 2010
Year Published: 2010
Abstract: The orifice rotameter indicates the flowrate as a displacement of a symmetrical body(float) placed concentrically downstream of an orifice inside a vertical tube. Experiments study had been performed at five positions of the float to evaluate the performance of the most commonly used type of orifice rotameter. The computational fluid dynamics (CFD) method was employed to optimize the performance of orifice rotameter. A total of 20 numerical models were established corresponding to the five positions, four types of orifice rotameter. At the same position, the floats of four types of numerical models have the same stroke with experimental flowmeter.

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