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Title: Traceable Calibrations From Primary Standard To On-Site Ultrasonic Flowmeter
Author: Fong-Ruey Yang, Yi-Lin Ho, Wen-Bin Wang, Jiunn-Haur Shaw Tsai-Wang Huang, Jyh-Rong Wu, Zhong-Yong Chen Yun-Ho Cheng, Zhi-Xiong Su, Trank Li
Source: Flomeko 2010
Year Published: 2010
Abstract: This paper describes the traceable calibrations from primary standard to onsite natural gas ultrasonic flowmeters. In practice, the National Metrology Laboratory constructed a gravimetric type air-flow calibration system with sonic nozzle array as the working standard in 1993. The flow measurement capacity of this primary standard at 1 bar and 20 ? is from 15 m3/h to 18000 m3/h with operating pressure range from 1 bar to 60 bars. A re-circulating high pressure gas flow measurement facility was constructed at Chinese Petroleum Corp in southern part of Taiwan. The pressure range is also from 1 bar to 60 bars with flow range from 20 m3/h to 4000 m3/h under actual pressure condition. The transfer standards of this re-circulating facility are four 6 Instromet ultrasonic flowmeters. The expanded uncertainty of these four transfer standards calibrated by NML compact nozzles was 0.18 %. For the Da-Tan distribution and metering station in Taiwan, four Sick 12 ultrasonic flowmeters are used as transfer standards.

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