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Title: 12 Pe Main Installation - Morris County, New Jersey
Author: Keith Sturn
Source: American Gas Association 2000
Year Published: 2000
Abstract: Back in the fall of 1997, our Marketing Department came to us with an inquiry from a large asphalt plant operator requesting a gas service to their facility. The facility also contained contaminated soil recycling equipment that operates year round. This load would represent a large year round load that would be a great opportunity for NJNG. It also represented some major obstacles such as the location of the nearest gas line was not within 5 miles of the customer and the best route to bring them a service was a small winding two lane road over the mountain. As you would expect in a mountainous region, the ground was full of boulders, the area was criss-crossed with mountain streams and because of the historical nature of the area, it contained many sensitive preservation areas. Our Marketing Department asked us Can this be accomplished? We answered that Anything is possible but this will not be easy. So we got down to the task of getting this customer his gas. General location plan of pipeline route At first, we thought that this load would best be serviced from either NJNGs 720# or 230# pipeline systems. Although this would certainly have allowed us to serve the load, both our Marketing Department and the township added

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