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Title: Latest Field Tests Of The Sonic Leak Pinpointer
Author: James E. Huebler
Source: American Gas Association 2000
Year Published: 2000
Abstract: Pinpointing gas leaks by detecting the sound created by escaping gas has been a goal for many decades. This is a difficult problem because the small amount of sound created by the leak can be obscured by background noises generated by traffic, etc. The Digital Sonic Leak Pinpointer (DSLP) has been successfully used in Chicago to pinpoint leaks, including lowpressure (6-inches of water column) cast-iron mains and joints. Leaks were also correctly pinpointed on 20-psig cast-iron mains. The DSLP correctly pinpointed leaks where the CGI readings were negligible. Also, the DSLP correctly did not detect sound at locations where high CGI readings were obtained, but no leak was present. Field trials in New York were less successful. Tests are continuing to resolve the discrepancies between the two sets of results.

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