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Title: What The Office Group Expects From The Field Group
Author: James P. Avioli
Source: 1975 International School of Hydrocarbon Measurement
Year Published: 1975
Abstract: This topic has been discussed from many viewpoints for as long as any type of business or industry has existed. No matter what the business entity is, workers fall into the Office Group category or the Field Group category. Individuals in these groups usually have different backgrounds, different responsibilities and duties, and different ideas on how their tasks should be performed. Naturally people in both groups expect certain things of each other. If any business is to be successful, both groups must realize that each is made up of individuals who must work together to achieve the Companys objectives. The Natural Gas Industry is no exception to these criteria. The nature of our business demands a certain rapport between the Office Group and the Field Group. As our product becomes more and more precious, we must realize our responsibility to our Company and to our customers. Since measurement people in the Natural Gas Industry are primarily responsible for amount of product bought or sold, meter charts, reports, and all information from field personnel are vitally important to accurate measurement and resultant money transfer.

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