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Title: Evaluating And Improving Pressure Loss Estimations
Author: Chris Mills
Source: 2016 South East Asia Flow Measurement Conference
Year Published: 2016
Abstract: The vast majority of the worlds remaining oil rese rves are categorised as heavy / unconventional oils (high viscosity). Due to dimini shing conventional oil reserves and the need to secure future energy supplies to a rising world population, the exploitation of unconventional oils is essential. As the development of these visc ous deposits grows, so too will the challenges posed by heavy crude oils and other visc ous products. One such issue is pressure loss. Pressure loss is a critical consideration in high viscosity oil applications, since frictional losses increase with increasing viscosity. There is therefore an incentive to better understand and possibly reduce pressure loss to avoid excess pumping power requirement / operational costs. At present, the uncertainties in calculated pressure loss can be significant and as such could potential ly result in either over or under predictions of the actual pressure loss in a circular pipe

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