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Title: Field Experience Witii Solar/Battery Powered Flow Computers
Author: William G. Birkhead
Source: American Gas Association 1983
Year Published: 1983
Abstract: This will be a non-technical paper relating the field experiences of the Daniel Industries Solar/Battery Flow Computer. It will describe the reasons why we decided to use such a device, the results of such experiences, and present and future plans of this instrument. For many years there had been a big problem trying to interpret orifice meter charts with large flow rate changes in a short time period. This is normally called differential chart painting. Especially on multiple day chart rotation, this recording is a solid wide line. Unless otherwise instructed, the chart integrator operator will attempt to trace the average differential as the median of the wide differential recording. In an attempt to improve upon the accuracy of chart interpretation, a fast clock or short time rotation chart is run in the field on the recorder in question, to attempt to get the flow pattern recorded and try to obtain the average differential so that more accurate instructions can be given to the integrator operator. This technique is fairly accurate until the flow pattern changes. Then a large error can occur. The fast clock method is time consuming since it requires a measurement technician to go to the field location and perform this fast clock operation.

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