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Title: Error Analysis on Measuring Fish-and-water Mixture using Electromagnetic Flowmeter
Author: Mengna Li
Source: 2018 International Symposium on Fluid Flow Measurement
Year Published: 2018
Abstract: With the increasing demand of aquatic products, seeking for a safe and efficient technology of transfering commercial fish has become a focus. Pipeline transportation has characteristics of high efficiency, low cost, and resistance to environmental pollution, which satisfies the demand of fast and safe transfer of aquatic products. To ensure the freshness of aquatic products and decrease their external lesions, electromagnetic flowmeter is used as a common equipment to measure the flow of mixture. However, the measurement of flow of fish-and-water mixture is different from that of the traditional solid-liquid mixture, such as mud, because fish is subjected to the stress in the transportation process. Its unpredictable movement causes pulsation to the measurement by electromagnetic flowmeter, which leads to an inaccurate result. This paper studies the error of the electromagnetic flowmeter in measuring the mixture of fish and water. Using three groups of fish-and-water mixture, with a flow velocity of 2.181 m/s, 2.698 m/s, and 3.178 m/s, the experiment analyzes the response of the electromagnetic flowmeter to mixtures at different flow and the effect of mixture at different flow on the measurement accuracy. The result shows that the relative variation amplitude of the results decreases with the increase of flow velocity. Meanwhile, the cause of error is analyzed from the perspective of working principle of electromagnetic flowmeter. The paper provides a reference for the flow measurement of solid-liquid mixture, especially living animal transportation.

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