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Title: Measurement Of Fuel Gas By Turbine Meters A Review Of A.G.A. Committee Report No. 7
Author: G. G. Less
Source: American Gas Association 1980
Year Published: 1980
Abstract: As a result of turbine meters becoming more and more in demand, purchase contracts and tariffs are now including turbine meter clauses permitting their use. Numerous requests have been received, from producers and transmission companies involved in gas contract negotiations, regarding the availability of a turbine meter document which would serve much the same purpose as A.G.A. Committee Report No. 3 on orifice meter measurement. There is a very apparent reluctance on the part of some non-turbinemeter users to accept turbine meter measurement until a document is published regarding recommended and accepted practices on installation and calibration of turbine meters. Until such a document is available, questions will continue to be asked on installation, calibration, durability, and accuracy compared to orifice meter measurement.

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