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Title: Laboratory Data Collection Systems
Author: Mark C. Mckirahan
Source: 1986 Measurement Science Conference
Year Published: 1986
Abstract: A calibration data collection and maintenance package is being developed as part of a laboratory-wide transaction process control system that is being tested and used in Lockheed Missiles & Space Company Metrology laboratories. Instrument records include unique IDs, statuses, calibration recall schedules, repair and out-of-tolerance data, and work station configurations. Equipment status determines fitness for use and availability the history will be used for reliability analysis. The package runs on a VAX, with a backup CPU along with terminals and instrument controllers throughout the laboratories and offices. The hardware will be shared with other functions, such as instrument tracking for loan pools and engineering data analysis. The VAX-11 DBMS schema supports retrieval and update of instrument definitions and history. The user interface is presently based on VAX-11 FMS, and automatic data collection is achieved by interprocess communication, using utilities developed and written by in-house personnel.

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