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Title: Preventing Damage By Training Contractor Equipment Operators
Author: E. Hugh Erwin
Source: American Gas Association 1975
Year Published: 1975
Abstract: Call Before You Dig is a message which utilities throughout Canada and United States are continually attempting to communicate to the construction industry and the general public. Despite progress made through the onenumber call system, more effective field record systems and improved locating equipment, damage to underground plant continues to involve millions of dollars and numerous personal injuries every year. Education of the construction worker, therefore, remains a priority for the Gas Industry if continued progress can be expected in the future. Various forums promote the Call Before You Dig message including public utilities coordinating committees, contractor/utility nights and, of course, the courts under less favourable circumstances. These meetings are effective but tend to focus on the contractor and his administrative staff. The need remains lo communicate the message directly to the guy who counts, the machine operator. He is the one who proceeds to excavate without a stakeout and who proceeds to excavate following a stake-out for the fatetiil just one more bucket.

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