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Title: Installation And Operation Of Recording Calorimeters
Author: m. R. Weaver
Source: 1966 Southwestern Gas Measurement Short Course (Now called ISHM)
Year Published: 1966
Abstract: Energy, available in large quantities and in a convenient usable form, has been the impetus for the material and economic development of civilized man. As an accumulated knowledge, he harnessed the natural sources of energy and then controlled them to do useful work. Heat, a transient form of energy, is a most useful energy source. The gas industry is one of the most important sources of energy-particularly heat energy. In-so-far as the industry itself is concerned economically, energy is another way of saving dollars. When buying and selling gas, it is actually trading energy and dollars. The measurement of this energy involves two quantities volume and heating value. The volume m the English system of units is expressed in cubic feet and the heating value in British Thermal Units per cubic foot.

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