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Title: Techniques Of Gas Composite Sampling
Author: Billy J. (B.J.) Jackson, Jr.
Source: 2017 International School of Hydrocarbon Measurement
Year Published: 2017
Abstract: Natural gas is a commodity that must be measured as it is transported from the wellhead into processing and distribution sectors. To measure natural gas, several variables must be considered - pressure, temperature, volume, and gas composition. Gas composition provides insight into the physical makeup of the fluid. Depending on the chemical content, the amount to charge or to be charged for the quantity of gas measured will vary. Accurate collection and determination of the gas composition is the foundation for natural gas purchase, sales contracts and royalty payments. Unfortunately, inaccuracies occur. When they occur, buyers and sellers alike demand correction and reimbursement. Inaccuracies in measurement can result from the following: a. Inappropriate sampling techniques and/or equipment b. Inappropriate sample conditioning and handling c. Samples collected from non-representative locations and/or under non-representative operating conditions d. Inappropriate/inaccurate analytical methods

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