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Title: Rotating Vane Gas Meter
Author: Stephen D. Loeffler
Source: 1983 International School of Hydrocarbon Measurement
Year Published: 1983
Abstract: The rotating vane gas meter, manufactured by American Meter, Is one of two rotary meter designs on the market today. The lobed impeller design, although exhibiting many coinmon rotary meter characteristics with the rotating vane design, is not specifical1y d iscussed in this paper. The rotating vane meter is a positive displacement measuring device used in production, distribution, and industrial gas measurement to indicate total actual gas volume. When combined with a variety of correction devices or techniques, the meter is part of a total measurement system that indicates corrected total volume, corrected for the volumetric effect on the gas of temperature and pressure conditions. This paper will describe the fundamentals of rotating vane technology, and give comparisons with the nearest competing metering designs (diaphragm meters and turbine meters), in an attempt to describe the best applications for this versatile rotary meter.

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