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Title: Operational Procedures Of Electronic Chart Processor
Author: E. J. Dupuis
Source: 1982 Gulf Coast Measurement Short Course (Now called ASGMT)
Year Published: 1982
Abstract: The UGC Chart Processor Is a microprocessorbased system designed to translate orifice meter chart records into accurate billing-compatible data of integrated flow (chart extension), flow time and average pressure. It will handle American (Westcott) and Foxboro charts as the pens can be mounted so as to pivot in the same geometric paths as the recording pens of these types of meters. As an option, the Chart Processor can be fitted with pen mounts for Taylor and/or Rockwell charts. The operator directs the pens to follow the records by moving the trace handles as the chart rotates. The rotational speed of the chart table is governed by a variable foot control. The chart is secured to the chart table so its rotation and the motion of the pens by the operator simulate the actions In the recording meter.

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