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Title: Reading And Calcuiating Orifice Meter Charts
Author: P. A. Lathrap
Source: 1965 Western Gas Measurement Short Course
Year Published: 1965
Abstract: So far we have covered the theory of o r i f i c e nter measurement, and have discussed the nuts and bolts portion of an orifice ineter i n s t a l l a t i o n . As we have seen, the o r i f i c e ireter i s b a s i c a l l y a very sinole device. A restriction (the o r i f i c e plate) placed in a pioe carryinig the fluid to be ineasured (the meter t u b e ) , creates a pressure droo or d i f f e r e n t i a l . T?ds d i f f e r e i i t i a l , along with the pressure of the fluid, is transmitted through small diameter lines to a meter gauge whiCh records them in the fonn of i S e s on a Chart. T?iis meter Chart is the end product of the efforss of the design engineer, the o r i f i ce meter equipnient manufacturer and the meter personnel in the field and is the o f f i c i S record on whiCh the b i l l i n g is based.

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