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Title: Wet Gas Flowrates Metering Based On Double Differential Pressures Of Venturi Meter
Author: Zhang Qiang 1, Xu Ying 2, And Zhang Tao 3
Source: Flomeko 2010
Year Published: 2010
Abstract: In order to measure the wet gas not separating, a wet gas measuring method based on double differential pressures of an alone venturi meter is presented in this study. In traditional over-reading (viz. OR) correlations, only the liquid phase fraction is known, can the OR be solved. This deficiency is analyzed by error propagation method theoretically. The change characteristics and the inherent physics laws of the differential pressures of the contraction and expansion sections of a venturi tube which were affected by the relative amount of liquid phase and gas flow rates were investigated deeply. Using a new dimensionless metering parameter, viz. the differential pressures ratio of contraction and expansion sections of venturi tube, a novel form of the OR correlation was, therefore, developed to improve the metering accuracy effectively

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