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Title: Ultrasonic Meters And Direct Energy Measurement
Author: Daniel J. Rudroff, Richard Cline
Source: American Gas Association 2006
Year Published: 2006
Abstract: With the increased use of natural gas as a fuel, higher natural gas prices, and new federal regulations, all buyers and sellers of natural gas are looking at ways to improve their natural gas volume and energy measurement and reduce maintenance. While natural gas still has many advantages and its usage is increasing it is no longer a cheap fuel. One Btu of energy from natural gas costs as much or more than a Btu produced from oil. The Btu in one barrel of oil is equivalent to approximately 5,600 cubic feet of natural gas. At 10.00 per thousand cubic feet or million Btu, the natural gas equivalent of one barrel of oil is 56.00 equal to, or more than the cost of a barrel of average grade crude oil.

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