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Title: Internal And External Comparison Measurements For Ensuring Accuracy And Traceability In Flowmeter Calibration
Author: Walter Poeschel
Source: 1999 International Symposium on Fluid Flow Measurement
Year Published: 1999
Abstract: Comparison measurements become more and more important to perform traceability and to confirm the accuracy of flowmeter calibration facilities. But intercomparisons between different laboratories are very complicated, expensive and time consuming. Therefor a method is proposed to prove different components of the the total measurement uncertainty by internal comparison measurements between different flow measurement devices within the laboratory. The paper describes this method and its realization in the new primary standard for water flow measurement at PTB (being under construction now). This test rig represents a combined double type standard containing a gravimetric and a volumetric part, connected by a set of turbine meters in parallel, and offers the possibility for carrying out comparison measurements between two metrologically independent measurement devices, a gravimetric and a volumetric one. The set of turbine meters is needed to overcome differences in volume and flowrate ranges. The influence of the turbine meters on the uncertainty of comparison measurements (it is expected to be smaller than 0.01 %) was investigated using a special test installation. The results of various measurement series using this test installation are reported.

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